Reasons for Canadians to Pursue Their Higher Education from Canada Itself

Reasons for Canadians to Pursue Their Higher Education from Canada Itself

Canada is one of the most desirable countries to pursue a higher education from. A huge number of students from different arenas of the world, are getting attracted to this wonderful country. The higher education provided is world wide recognized and a Degree from a Canadian University holds paramount value, which is equivalent to US, Australia or other European countries.The education is remarkable at a very low fee structure as compared to other universities across the globe. Scholarship opportunities are immense that lowers the expenses and you tend to get education at minimal fees. The standard and pattern of higher education holds a benchmark equivalent to US universities.

Campus and lifestyle

Campus life is full of enormous events taking place throughout the year. Cultural and extracurricular activities help students largely to mingle with multicultural people in the campus area. Most of the campuses provide free Wi-Fi, daily newspaper, magazines and journals. There are many international students in Canadian Universities, which gives locals a very multi-cultural and broad perspective on life in their country itself, during the course of their education.

Employment opportunities

During the course of studies, students are permitted to take part time jobs up to 20 hours per week. Students can work on campus as well as off campus. Number of part time jobs are available which are very suitable for the students, including those offered by the university itself like Teaching Assistant-ship. After graduation, a bright future stands ahead when they get placed in top companies of the country.

Cost of higher education

Canadian Government offers a wonderful savings plan known as Registered Education Savings Plan. With Heritage Resp, the principal amount invested by the parents is taxed at their tax rate at the time of investment, which allows their children to withdraw the entire amount along with the interest earned at an almost tax-free rate, for their higher education. This plan helps so many Canadians to plan their education in a very efficient manner.

Panoramic beauty and weather

The beauty of Canada is a feast to your five fold senses. Canadians will rarely find such beauty outside of their country, along with great education opportunities. Right from exploring the vastness of nature, wild life, amusement parks and many astonishing entertainment places, it is also one of the most urbanized countries.

Cultural exposure

Canada is presently like a second home for a lot of international students pursuing higher education. With so many students from all over the world, it has become a multilingual country. And the best place to experience the diversity of this culture, is in higher education universities, where people come from all over the world to fulfil their aspirations. It truly is a global experience, without having the need to travel to any other country.

Care and safety

Universities and government play an important role in the care and safety of the students. Healthcare provisions are taken under great considerations. Government ensures protection with respect to human rights and equality that helps to create a peaceful environment.

With such support from the Government, wonderful exposure, and superior quality education, it is futile to pursue a degree from anywhere else than your home country – Canada.

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